In the beginning – the start of my Corvette fascination

Reading the forums out there most people seem to trace their fascination with Corvettes back to when they were a kid.  There’s a lot of “My brother used to have one” or “the guy down the street had one”.  Well that’s probably the case in the USA where the vette was born and bred.  However growing up in New Zealand there wasn’t a huge amount of American iron (or fibreglass) rolling around on the streets.  So it wasn’t until the 80’s that I can recall seeing my first Corvette and thinking “wow that car looks cool”.  What’s even stranger about this is that it wasn’t even a real car that I saw.  Nope, it was a telephone.

Around 1980 I was given a novelty telephone as a birthday present I think.  Now having my own phone was cool enough, but the fact it looked cool (and seemed to resemble the batmobile I had seen in comic books)  was just great at the time.  Turns out the phone was in the shape of  a late C3 similar to this one that I found pics of out there on the net.  Sweet, my first vette before I hit 10 years old!  And now 30 odd years later, I finally own my second vette, just this time it’s a bit bigger.

Vintage Corvette phone

Vintage Corvette phone


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