Useful vette links

The following is a summary of a post of mine over at the Australian Corvette Association forum.  All the links below are places I have found docs that have been really useful on my Corvette ownership journey so far. My focus has been on C3’s but most include info on other models as well:

Corvette Corner – although the site is in German, the C3 and C4 tech books are in English (as are the Vacuum diagrams from ZIP which are in there too)

Volunteer Vette – Parts catalogue PDF download, sometimes has clearer exploded views of components that the AIM.

Corvette Central – Parts catalogue PDF download

ZIP – Parts Catalog PDF download

GM Heritage Center – download the original GM spec guide available for all models. Gives good views of some components

Wilcox Corvette – the repair and help section contains a huge amount of really useful stuff
They also have a few vids on YouTube for help with wiper motors and 70’s tachs

Amazon – Most books on Amazon have a ‘peek inside’ option. If you take a screen shot of these you can end up with entire chapters from the book. Example books I’ve looked upi there are
– Chilton Repair and Tune Up Guide
– Corvette Restoration Guide
– Original Corvette Restorers Guide

Paragon Corvette Reproductions
Downloadable parts catalog. This catalog seems to have many tips in it as to whether certain repro parts they supply will pass NCRS judging. Good exploded views of components as well.

Riks Vet
Online parts catalog that can be downloaded as a pdf for offline printing/reading

Free online Chiltons manual
Found this link on another forum. Chiltons and other manuals available from this US library if you use a sample id to logon (For the login, just type any letter, and then 12 numbers after it eg: a123456123456). Takes you to the Chilton Library site where you can look up manuals on most years and most US cars.
Has a fantastic parts catalog. Can drill down to your year vette and find parts and part numbers for multiple manufacturers along with pics and descriptions.
NCRS Judging scoresheets for all models. Handy for checking just how original your car really is in the eyes of NCRS.


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